How to turn £100 into £1.6 million

“How Ordinary People Are Quietly Turning £100 Into £1.6 MILLION In Just Fourteen Steps. Would You Like To Join Them?”


And If 1.6 Million Is More Than You Need Right Now, Just Look Down This List And Stop At The Amount You’d Like To Have Landing In Your Bank Account Soon…

Did you find a number that takes your fancy?

Great! That means you’ve taken the first step to getting it—as you will soon see.

But I’m wondering if you also noticed something a bit unusual about the amounts I selected?

Have you spotted it?

Each number is precisely double the previous one.

And in that sentence I’ve revealed an astonishing fact …..

I hope you’re ready for it because I think you’re going to be totally blown away (I had to double check my figures because I found it so hard to believe.)

The amazing fact is this: if you start with just £100 there are only fourteen ‘doublings’ needed to make you £1.6 million!

And you DO have £100, right?


Because in just 14 steps (doing exactly what I tell you) it’s possible to double that up into a cool £1,600,000.

That would probably sort out your money worries forever right?

You could buy a decent house outright for cash. Have two top of the range cars. Pay off all your debts and still have about half a million in change!

And if you’re happy to settle for less (say £409,600) then the number of steps in my ‘Double Your Way’ system becomes fewer still.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but true.

Who Am I?

Barry Tyler

Let me introduce myself before I explain exactly how you can get this powerful system working for you—starting with only £100.

First, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of me.

That’s perfectly okay, I wouldn’t expect you to know me. I don’t write books or appear on the telly. And I started out with very little in life – probably less than you.

For many years my main job was a hard grafting photographer, never seeming to clear enough to pay the bills until one day I just decided to become a wealthy man. (Is today the day YOU decide to join me?)

I’ll tell you how I did it shortly, but fast forward to now and I really am living the dream.

I own a £2,500,000.00 house and a Bentley with a fully loaded £90,000 Range Rover as my second car.

I also own a million pound stunning beach-front property in Cyprus – fully paid for. I also do exactly what I want with my time these days. The money allows me to relax and have fun.

But understand, I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you because soon I’m going to reveal a way for you to join me—and there’s NO WAY you’d want to do that if I was broke.

 Fancy this as your holiday home?


For the last 8 years or so, I have devoted well over half of my time to teaching others how to achieve financial freedom as well.

I do that through seminars and one-to-one consultations as well as via my very popular Barry Tyler Inner Circle Newsletter.

Now then, I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’d like to get a large amount into your bank account in a reasonable time?

 Well as it happens I know a way to help you…

You see, over the last few years I’ve refined and polished the original ‘Double Your Way’ system into the most astonishingly effective method of moving people along the path to wealth.

Whether you want ‘only’ £51,200, ‘just’ £204,800 or the full £1.6 million, this system could help you, just as it helped me.

More of that in a minute.

During the last few years I‘ve met hundreds of people who wanted to be successful. They’re not greedy people. Most of them just want to clear their debts, pay their bills, give up ‘working for the man’ and enjoy a few of the good things in life like a decent car, new clothes and good holidays.

They don’t want mansions to live in, Rollers to drive, helicopters to fly and Olympic swimming pools in their gardens!

“Hi Barry, I’m writing to you to let you know that after 53 years on this planet I am now completely debt free. Apart from the cost of day-to-day living of course (and a couple of off-spring). A lot of the plan in helping me to achieve this has been down to you and your advice.” G.M.

I mention this because what they (and you?) want really is so achievable — it’s financial freedom.

Millions of people have achieved this and I’ve played my part in helping people to get there.

People like John Barlow who came to me a few years ago with an idea …… and very little else.

I told him two ‘secrets’ which helped him achieve £127,000 income in 2 years on top of what he was already making! (John is just one of many success stories I could give you. Ordinary people listening to what I tell them and taking action.)

What I’m saying is – financial freedom is not some impossible fantasy. You could get it too if you knew what I’m about to reveal…

Although I’ve made a lot of money for myself, I don’t charge people a massive fee to help them. I’ve heard some success gurus charge £3,000 a ticket for their seminars! I’m sure you’d come away with a massive feel-good ‘high’ but would it last? And would it make a long term difference to your finances?

 So … would you like to hear the two secrets I told John?

I’m going to tell you the secrets right here, for free if you’re interested.

Then you can see if you’re made of ‘the right stuff’ to start the doubling system for yourself.

I discovered them the hard way…

“Just like to say a big thank you for all the time and effort you put into making our lives better off financially. Without your guidance, things would be a lot less optimistic for a lot of people. Keep up the good work! It really is appreciated Barry.”  T.U.

How? By watching people try to get rich – and fail (go back to their boring jobs with barely enough to get by). Then by watching other people try to get rich – and succeed (give up the day job, get a new car, a bigger house and have enough to help family and friends too).

Naturally I was interested in the difference (and I hope you are too)!

I reckon that I’m one of the handful of people who can genuinely answer the question: “Why is it that some people make loads of money … and some fail utterly?”

So let me begin by asking you a question…

Q: Do you want enough money to buy all the good things in life and be financially free forever?

You do? Well here’s the bad news…

You Have Absolutely NO CHANCE Unless You Have Both of These ‘Secret’ Ingredients …..

And no, it’s nothing to do with business acumen, start-up capital, effort involved, discipline, positive thinking, law of attraction and so on. Of course many things are important in success, but if you don’t have the two things I’m about the reveal, you’re screwed.

You have NO CHANCE of success without them!

Sorry to be blunt but it’s important you know this before many more years slip by.

So if you’re ready, here’s secret one. It took me a while to discover it, but it became obvious once I spotted it.

Successful people have a ‘mentor’ — a wealthy individual who has ‘been there, done that’ and can guide them on the path to wealth.

Actually, when you think about it, it’s obvious.

Do you think you could learn to fix television sets or cars by ‘having a little dabble’ on your own? No, that would be preposterous! You’d need a skilled engineer to mentor you and show you all the dodges, tips and wrinkles. Not to mention keep you out of danger!

“I have to say, and I hope you straighten with pride as you read it, you are a model on whom we wish to base our own business etiquette. People like you are hard to find but it’s worth the search.”   J.W.

Could you learn to trade currencies by ‘having a bash’ at it? No! That’s ridiculous. You’d need a trader who was prepared to sit down with you for hours, then look over your shoulder correcting your errors as you made real trades.

So why do people think they can get rich ‘home alone’, with nobody to guide them and with a lot of broke friends and family telling them they’re wasting their time?

 It’s ludicrous when put like that, isn’t it?

How many wealthy friends do you have? With respect to Debs at the hairdressers and Kev down the pub, they know nothing about money. I feel strongly that if you currently do not have enough money, you probably inhabit a world of broke people.

Who’s telling you HOW to get rich? Who’s looking over your shoulder, correcting your errors, guiding you towards financial freedom?Who’s keeping you safe from danger?

Nobody? I thought so!

Rather the opposite. You’re probably getting lousy financial advice and maybe even some negativity and scepticism. That makes it very hard to succeed … and it’s probably why you don’t have enough money at the moment.

Please don’t be despondent. I wouldn’t be writing to you today unless I had something totally amazing to suggest to you. Part of which involves getting detailed guidance from a genuine self-made millionaire.

How neat would THAT be?

Hold that thought whilst I reveal secret number two – and this is an even bigger obstacle to success if you don’t have it.

You need a way to identify proven, workable money making ideas WHICH SUIT YOU and which you can choose from.

In other words, you need a personalised METHOD for getting wealthy. It simply won’t happen without this workable plan.

All the positive thinking rah-rah in the world; all the ‘attracting wealth’ DVDs—none of it will bring you a single penny without a plan.

And this is why so many fall by the wayside.

They don’t have anyone guiding them and they don’t have a plan. They set goals, they have ‘vision boards’ they chant mantras and try to ‘attract wealth’ but they’re still as broke as ever.

I don’t mean ‘any old plan’. Your plan needs to have these 5 features:

  • It should start to bring you money SOON, not in 6 months or 3 years from now. Most people need extra money right now, not in a year or two.
  • It should be fairly simple. Time is too short to master some complicated business idea or system.
  • It should require a level of start-up capital which you are comfortable risking (we start with just £100). How many times have you groaned when a good idea for making moneyactually needed more money than you can comfortably afford to get started?
  • Here’s the big one – there are upwards of fifty MILLION different business ideas out there, any one of which could make you a ton of money, but 99.99% of them are totally unsuitable for YOU. So we need a way of identifying money making ideas which are perfectly tailored for you (this is why buying somebody else’s money making scheme rarely works for you.)
  • And of course it should not take more time each day than you can spare. Why? Not because you’re lazy, it’s because most people work full time just to keep their heads above water … and they’re not about to pack that in to risk everything on some unproven business idea.

Again, this is SO obvious, I hope you agree (but who else is telling it like it is???).

Now with regards to coming up with such a plan for yourself, I also have strong views and I warn you, you may not like them.

You see, I believe that…

You could stare at a computer screen or pace the floor all weekend and you’d NEVER come up with even ONE cash-generating idea without help and guidance.

Honestly, you could do this for a WEEK or a YEAR and still you’d draw a complete blank.

Why? It’s nothing to do with your intelligence or abilities I can assure you of that.

I’d like to turn the question back to you: “Why in heaven’s name did you ever think you would come up with such an idea?”

I mean, what on earth makes you think you could do such a thing? Who gave you such an insane notion???

You simply don’t have the experience to do this and you have no clue which ideas might work and which are doomed to fail. This is not something you can do pacing the floor at home without guidance.

“Please allow me to thank you for your ‘no bulls**t’ approach which even a simple guy with little capital like me can understand and take advantage of. I’m enthused by becoming a member and very much look forward to the future.”   D.M.

Now do you start to see why people ‘fail’ to get rich?

They set financial goals – but have no clue about a way to achieve them and they have nobody to guide them. They dutifully do the ‘law of attraction’ –—and then are surprised that cash doesn’t pour through the letterbox whilst they sit in their armchair!

I hope you’re getting this because it’s critical to your chances of wealth and you won’t read this anywhere else.

My point is this: You’re an expert in what you know and that’s unlikely to include ways of getting wealthy.

Enter, stage left, business opportunities.

“The best decisions I have made in the last 3 years are the ones that have been preceded by the question ‘What would Barry do in this situation?”  S.W.

You’ve probably seen your share. They’re popular because people long to be rich and free, but … they don’t have a plan. Someone offers them a ready-made plan (costing £497 – £3,997!) and they seize upon it like the Holy Grail.

I’ve been very close to this world for many years, so I can report that many of the plans actually work! But … some require a lot of effort and many months (sometimes a year or two) before any serious cash comes in, and many of them need a lot of money to get started. And as I’ve mentioned already, that plan might work very well for the seller, but be completely hopeless for you.

When I say ‘a lot of money’, I mean about £5,000 or so. Okay that’s not ‘a lot’ (I’d like to see you making that sort of money every month in the very near future). But ask the average person for £5,000 and they will stare at you as though you are raving mad.

People are really struggling to make ends meet and £5,000 (even for a good, workable idea) is just out of the question. And that’s on top of the £497 (or whatever) the seller is asking for their manual and DVDs.

That’s why my amazing ‘Double Your Way to a Million’ system only needs £100 to start with.

So now you know my two ‘secret ingredients’ without which you have absolutely NO CHANCE of making serious money.

“From nothing to 7 properties and my own business, – thanks go to Barry Tyler who I owe so much to – you have lifted me up to the next plateau. With gratitude – you have shown me the way – Mr Inspiration.” D S.

Here they are again: You need a wealthy person to show you the way and you need the knowledge to choose genuine, easy, workable plans which are suited to you, your talents, interests, capital, spare time etc.

So it won’t surprise you to know… I’m about to give you both!

Why would I do that?

Well, I’ll make some money from it and I’m never averse to more money! But … the impetus for this came from people contacting me over the years and all wanting the same thing. Help from an expert in the field of making money who can guide them along the same path.

The recession is still hurting and people don’t want to wait around to get money coming in – they want to get cracking straight away.

So I’ve come up with something quite extraordinary and I’m going to offer it to you now. I’m hoping you’ll be thrilled and excited when you see what I’ve put together for you.

It’s called (as you know) The Double Your Way to a Million system.

Actually it’s £1.6million, but what’s £600,000 between friends?

Imagine what you could do with that kind of money? Even a ‘mere’ £409,600 would, I submit, be life changing.

You could pay off all your debts including mortgage and still have a serious chunk of money left over to enjoy life.

And of course there’s absolutely nothing to stop you doubling up further to £3.2 million and again to £6.4 million and beyond.

I only chose 14 steps because I didn’t want to frighten people off with very large amounts of money. I also believe it’s a bit of a waste of time starting from 1p and doing nearly 14 doublings just to get to £100 – like the original system.

Here’s What It’s All About

I’ve made a very great deal of money in my life using this method. I’m not saying this to brag, it’s just vitally important that you have a wealthy guide, not a broke ‘mate’ as I mentioned earlier!

Over the last 5 months I’ve brainstormed exactly what I would tell someone who came to me wanting to get rich.

Over many long sessions I’ve carefully created my How to Double Your Way to a Million course. I’ve edited and honed this into what I believe to be the ultimate mentorship programme for wealth creation.

Written BY a millionaire FOR aspiring millionaires.

 The Double Your Way to a Million system is a monthly 36-page private wealth briefing sent directly to your house under plain cover every month.

You’ll be totally amazed by the content and you will quickly realise why you have not succeeded so far in making serious money.

You’ve been playing on the wrong field, in the wrong game … with the wrong ball!

Written directly from me to YOU, it takes you by the hand and guides you step by step from £100 to millionaire status.

I guarantee you will never have seen advice like this, from a genuine millionaire aimed squarely at getting YOU to join the ranks of wealthy!

“Way to go Barry! I was a little sceptical it would be as easy as you said, but I can report that one little idea has taken me from step 6 £3,200 to step 10 £51,200 and still going strong. You da man!”  S.S

And remember, the important point is that it is written by someone who has used this EXACT system to make £1.6 million (and more, of course)! You simply cannot learn about making money by listening to broke people.

And it isn’t just me of course. When you join I will send you many examples of ordinary people and what they are doing to double their way to a million. If They CAN DO IT, I KNOW you CAN. Their journeys will encourage and inspire you.

And … if you go with a plan and make a lot of money from it, I don’t want a penny of YOUR profits.

You keep ALL the money you generate from this! You use it to get yourself to the next ‘doubling’ level.

Think how exciting it will be to double from £25,600 to £51,200. Then to watch in amazement as you double from £51,200 to £102,400.

 Double Your Way to a Million is a complete ‘stand alone’ wealth system which you can follow to break free from slavery and into the good life.

I aim to get you into the BIG money as soon as possible!

If you need money soon and want to get started on something immediately and without putting a load of money on the table up front, then this could be exactly what you need.

Okay I’m hoping you’re feeling a little tingle of excitement about finally having a genuine helping hand in your search for a better life.

  • If you have an existing business this programme will help you to make it super profitable.
  • If you have an idea but lack capital, this programme can help.
  • If you have no ideas and no capital the programme will help with that too!

Your Double Your Way to a Million Monthly Guide

This is not some cheap download but a genuine high-quality, printed monthly manual on wealth creation, written by a millionaire and posted to your house each month. No fluff, no filler just the hard-hitting advice you need to move you forward. You will never have been exposed to such hard-hitting materials as these. Prepare to be shocked!

Okay I’m hoping you’re starting to realise what a unique package I’ve put together for you here.

So let’s see how Double Your Way to a Million programme works in practice…

What would you expect to pay for monthly instruction on making SERIOUS money from a SERIOUS mentor? £5,000 doesn’t seem a fortune to pay for that kind of advice. That’s about £416/month.

Although it is definitely WORTH that amount, I do know that many could not afford it and so I considered a £219 reduction bringing it down to a very reasonable £197 a month. I think that would be a great price – especially when you realise you could soon be making thousands a month from what I will reveal to you.

“Spot on. I look forward to the hard-hitting facts and advice contained in every issue. Invaluable information to help me along my quest. Hope you don’t tire of providing the information.”    R. B.

I floated this past a few people who wanted to make a start at getting wealthy and they LOVED the idea but were a bit horrified at nearly two hundred quid a month. Don’t get me wrong, they thought it was well worth it … it’s just that they didn’t have it!

So I’ve taken a BIG decision to cut the price of this to a level where the cost simply won’t be an issue. I’ve just hit 60 and life has been very good to me, so this is my chance to give something back.

I’ve decided to knock another £140 off the price and offer this to you for only £57 a month for as long as you are doubling your way upwards.

No that is NOT a misprint!

I scrimped and cut and honed to get it down to this price because I don’t want ANYONE to miss out on this for want of such a low fee.

It is, after all, just £1.90 a day – less than the cost of a latte at Costa, or less than the cost of a pint if that’s more your thing!

(I hope you agree that will seem ‘small beer’ even on lower levels of the ladder such as doubling £1,600 to £3,200.)

I don’t want anyone to miss out on this due to not having enough money.

So here’s the minimum you need to get in on this – £271. If you don’t have that, you’re out. Sorry.

  • £100 as your investment onto ‘Rung One’ of the ladder (you don’t send that to me of course! That’s your ‘seedcorn’ capital).
  • 3 x £57 for three months’ subscription which I think is a fair trial to see if this is for you or not. If it isn’t, then at least you will have given it a fair try (the first month is fully refundable as well! See later. So your risk is virtually zero.)

Your Profit Potential

So let’s see how this works from your side of things.

Let’s say you totally, completely, utterly screwed up and missed your target by a cool ONE MILLION POUNDS. Well that still leaves you with an amazing £600,000+ in your account!

“Woah!  Just done step 1 (£100 – £200) in one afternoon. I know it won’t all go as smoothly, but I’m excited!”  RW

Not too shabby!

After many years in the business of advising people on how to achieve financial success I have come to the conclusion that my ‘two secrets’ are all that stands in the way of YOUR success.

  • You need someone to guide you – I will provide that in the monthly releases.
  • You need a way of generating proven, workable, highly profitable money making ideas without spending a fortune. That’s really the essence of the monthly releases.

And all for £1.90 a day!


There is nothing else to pay to me whatsoever. All the money you make from this, you keep.

Is there a Guarantee?

I know this really is the most incredible wealth generating programme you will ever have been involved with. I also know it’s worth many times what I am asking for it. I also know it could be just what you need to launch you onto the path of serious money.

Yes … I know that, BUT YOU DON’T.

So it’s only fair if I offer a guarantee on the product, and I am very happy to do so. I know that once you have joined and seen the quality of the materials and maybe even come to meet me personally, I couldn’t bribe you enough to cancel!

Your ‘Peace of Mind’ No-Quibble Guarantee

Examine the first month of Double Your Way to a Million in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Tear open the packaging, read the beautifully produced training manual. Read and watch all the amazing free gifts. See how ordinary people are changing their lives with this programme. Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to start with £100 and double your way to £1,600,000.00.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the package in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. We have seen many opportunities over the years, and this one really does deserve our full backing – that’s why we are prepared to offer this extraordinary guarantee. You may also keep ALL the free gifts as a ‘thank you’ for taking a look.

Prepaid months after month 1 trial are not refundable.

So £1.90 a day. Virtually ZERO risk. Sounds like a no-brainer…

But I’d Like to Go One Better

If you enrol today I would also like to offer you the following four FREE gifts.


How to Generate HUGE Profits From Multiple Income Streams.

This 7 hour video series has been described as “The DVD which makes people rich just by watching it.” (Not my words!). This is a chance to see me in action. It was filmed at a private location and only 19 people were there for the filming. At that unique event I showed them precisely how to dramatically change their finances for the better—and many went and did exactly that. Word got out about this meeting and I was pestered to make copies available to people outside of that unique small group. I agreed and have since sold many hundreds of copies at £205 (it is there right now on my web site at this price).

Here’s your chance to put the secrets I disclosed at that private meeting to work in YOUR life by receiving this 4 DVD set absolutely FREE when you enrol. (So as not to overwhelm you with information I will send you one DVD a month for the first 4 months.)

VALUE  £205.00



A copy of the classic book The Midas Method by legendary success guru Stuart Goldsmith – and personally signed by the author!

This book has been called ‘The Millionaire Maker’ because of the powerful secrets it reveals. 200,000 copies sold in the UK alone at £12.95. The Midas Method is an amazing stand-alone system for getting as much money as you could ever reasonably want in life.


VALUE  £12.95



How to Make £1,000 a Day Before Breakfast! The ultimate guide to making your fortune from Information Publishing, written by one of the masters of the art who became a multi-millionaire using just the secrets in this book. Information publishing may very well form one of the steps you use in your own ‘doubling’ system. It’s a quick and easy way of making very good money. Many hundreds of copies of this manual have been sold at £197.

(To keep our print costs down we will supply this full colour manual as a pdf on a CD.)


VALUE  £197.00



Confidential Report entitled The Seven Secrets of How to Make Money From Your Web Site. Whether or not the internet forms part of your money making strategy (and it probably should) this report makes fascinating reading.

Written by someone who has banked £4.2 million pounds!

VALUE  £24.95



Okay well I’m coming to the end of this long letter and thank you for reading this far. I’m really excited about this program because I know that I’ve come up with a way of boosting your finances. And I’ve achieved this without you needing a lot of money to start with or spending very much time.

I firmly believe that any averagely intelligent person can become a millionaire IF they have a guiding hand and IF they are shown exactly what to do.

All that you need to do now is something I can’t help you with – take action.

This is the final step which marks out the wealthy from the financial losers and in many years of guiding people to success, this is the one thing I cannot influence.

The losers chatter about wealth. They dream of wealth and wish for wealth – but do absolutely nothing to make it happen.

The winners desire great wealth – and actually DO SOMETHING to make it happen for them.

This is your chance, and it’s a great chance.

“Barry Keep it up, a great read. You da man, – always got time to read your thoughts – I like your honesty it’s a real treat amongst all the hogswaddle in the world.”    D.J.

I will send you your first wealth briefing for month one—plus your four amazing free gifts worth £439.90.

Soon you could see your £100 ‘seed capital’ doubling to £200, then watch in amazement as it grows to £400, £800, £1,600 and beyond.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Barry Tyler

P.S. Remember, you need GUIDANCE and a PLAN. You simply will not become wealthy (lottery to one side) without BOTH of these. The Double Your Way to a Million gives you both.

* All testimonials are genuine and available for inspection during office hours. They are a small selection of the testimonials I have. I used only the initials of the writer to protect their privacy.


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