Silver is my “Trade of the Decade”

Regular readers of my Newsletter will know that I’ve declared physical silver coins my “Trade of the Decade”. There are three reasons for this:

  1. I can buy silver at a 20% discount
  2. There is a limit to how much physical silver can fall in price but no limit to how much it can rise.
  3. By purchasing the right silver coins I can eliminate ALL tax on my profit.
  4. I can buy as little or as much as I want and I can spread my purchase cost risk by buying over a period of time. This means I “cost average’ my total purchase.

It rarely gets better than that when it comes to an investment.

That said, I believe the biggest threat is not getting on board quick enough to ensure that I’m “fully in” before price of physical silver finally breaks away from the fantasy that is the price of “paper silver” on Comex.

I may have six months to build my silver stash or I might only have six weeks. Physical silver is a bet I will take every day of the week and at around the same price as a good quality pair of socks, what would you rather have in your stocking this Christmas?

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