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“Why Are Barry And Stuart Filling Their Boots With Silver Right Now? This Door of Opportunity Could Soon Slam Shut so We’re Loading up Whilst The Going’s Good.

You see, we believe there is a fantastic opportunity RIGHT NOW in silver and we want to explain precisely what we’re up to and how you can get a slice of the action.

Stuart and I are stacking our secret stores with silver right now as you read this.

We’re currently snapping up as many Silver Eagles and Silver Britannias as we can get our hands on with the hope that they will soon TRIPLE in value.

But there’s a twist to this story … we’ve located an AMAZING resource where we are buying this silver at a whopping 20% discount!

At about £15 per one ounce coin, surely this is one investment almost everyone can get on board?

But first, take a look at the graph below:

silver coins investment

It shows the spot silver price for the last five years.

As you can see it hit a high of almost $50 an ounce in April 2011 and has plunged to around $19.70 as I write this.

So one thing you can immediately see is that silver is close to its 5-year LOW price.

And as you know already, one major way of making serious money is to buy low and sell high.

Most people do the opposite of course. They rush into (say) property when the market has already been climbing for years and is about to top out.

They are often the ‘last fool in’. They buy at the top (property, shares, whatever) and watch in dismay as their investment tumbles.

Smart people wait patiently for prices to fall dramatically and only then do they steadily buy in. At this point they actually hope the market will FALL further because they are not yet ‘all in’.

Okay, that much is obvious.

But there’s a huge missing piece of the jigsaw here. You’d rapidly go broke if your investment strategy was “I’ll just buy anything that’s falling like a stone.”  Any fool can buy some dog of a share that has fallen 80% – only to see it fall a further 50% from the price you bought it at.

No, that would be hopeless.

The missing part of the money-making equation is “Buy low … but have several damn good reasons why you think the price will soon go up!”

With a share you always run the risk that you were wrong and the share becomes literally worthless. But with silver (and gold) it’s hard to imagine a scenario where precious metals would become worthless. I mean, these metals are so precious and rare and useful, that would be inconceivable.

With Silver (and gold) we believe there is a natural STOP under any fall in price. And that’s about the price at which the miners break even.

If the silver price (I’ll stop saying ‘and gold’ but take it as read) falls below the cost of mining, the miners will pack up their picks and shovels and go and do something more lucrative—like stacking supermarket shelves. And so eventually supply will dry up and prices will go up due to scarcity.

Stuart and I believe that silver is at about that level right now.

Okay all I have said so far is that we believe there is a natural floor under the silver price and so our investment is protected against wipe out. And that’s VERY important of course.

Sure, silver could always fall a little more. In a way that’s fine because we’re not ALL IN yet. You know from my teachings over the years that you never want the price to go up until you are “all in”. You can see the problem. Many people find it hard to keep buying when the price isn’t rising, even more so when the price is falling. That’s why so many investors end up buying once the price has risen only to find they bought at the top.

So yes, silver could drop a little bit, but we’re not the slightest bit worried about that. We’re more worried that it takes off for the stratosphere before we have filled our coffers.

Now, protecting our position is one thing. But we’re not doing this just to protect an investment. You don’t make money doing that. We’re doing it because we fully expect silver to take off any day now and eventually triple in value.

And even that would take the shiny metal to only a tad higher than its 2011 price! In reality we’re secretly hoping for MASSIVE gains well above the 300% mark.

But still … 300% gain with a protected downside?

I don’t know about you but we’ll take that bet any day!

Why Has Silver Dropped in Value Over The Last Five Years?

Silver, just like gold, is seen as an anti-inflation ‘safe haven’ investment. However despite the trillions of dollars printed via QE, this hasn’t yet filtered through into stoking the fires of inflation (yet…). This has lulled many people into thinking precious metals are old news.

America has signalled that it is easing back on QE and this has also had a negative effect on precious metal prices (printing ‘funny money’ makes people flock to ‘real money’ safe havens like gold and silver).

However, this alone is not enough to explain the drop in the price of silver.

Here are the three main factors which account for that precipitous drop you see in the graph above.

  1. There has been too much silver hitting the market with mine production outpacing demand—a sure recipe for falling prices.
  2. Governments have been relentlessly SELLING silver for years, dumping vast quantities of it onto the market. Again that forces prices down.
  3. As economies have suffered over the last few years, many people have (literally) sold the family silver to pay their way. Huge quantities of scrap silver have been off-loaded for hard cash. This further depressed prices. It may surprise you to know that over 20% of overall supply of silver comes from recycled scrap silver.

There are other factors but they will do for a start.

Stuart and I believe that’s all about to change. We will explain the four powerful factors which we believe are about to drive silver prices way higher and why we are doing exactly the same thing we did with gold 15 years ago when we were buying at £198 an ounce and everyone thought we were mad.

After hearing what we have to say, you can make up your own mind about which way silver is going.

OK, I said earlier that we have discovered a way to buy silver (absolutely mint, shrink wrapped, Silver American Eagle and Silver Britannia coins, with one ounce of pure silver in each) at around 20% below the level you could normally buy them either on the internet or from your dealer.

That really is an amazing thing, because we can lock-in an immediate 20% gain!

That way, if silver continues to come under pressure to fall (which it might for a while) we can absorb those ‘losses’ without worry because we bought at a 20% discount.

Our ‘secret supply’ of 20% discounted silver is finite.

There’s enough discounted silver for us and maybe 50 others but I can’t guarantee they can supply much more than that.

And here’s the good news.

At the DVD boxset we will be revealing this source and precisely how we buy it at a discount.

Armed with this knowledge, you could go and buy from the same source as us, if you decided to copy what we’re doing.

Please understand these discounts are very genuine. I am writing this it is 10:12 am on Wednesday 18th June.

Take a look at this Silver Eagle coin for sale on eBay this morning.

I didn’t ‘cherry pick’ this advert. It was actually the very first one at the top of the page. Take a look for yourself by searching under “American Silver Eagle Coin” and you will see something similar.

The seller wants £20.49 for this coin with free P&P.

The current spot value of silver is £11.63 an ounce.

So the mark-up on this coin is £8.86 over spot and I make that 76%!!!

Ouch! Hardly a bargain.

Now obviously we can’t buy at, or even near, the spot price. To get even close we’d need to back up the truck and load it with several hundred tonnes of silver!

But I’ve just checked our ‘secret source’ and today, this morning, we could buy that EXACT same coin for just 17.44 Euros. I make that £13.93! We would have to buy a sensible quantity to get that price, not a single coin.

I know what you’re thinking. In theory you could buy at £13.93 and stick them on eBay for £20+.

Although you COULD do this, to be honest it’s a bit of a pain. There are eBay fees, PayPal fees and postage to take into account. You’d find you were only making a few pounds per coin and it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with the general public for that small amount.

No, we’re not trying to start a little eBay business here. We’re trying to buy ourselves a sensible amount of silver at a discounted price in the expectation that it will go up massively in the coming few years.

Reality Check

We’re sure to be asked some questions about what we are doing, so to pre-empt that, here is one question we’re bound to be asked.

“What’s the minimum investment?”

The short answer is just £20. You could buy that heavily marked-up coin from eBay, pop it into your bottom drawer and wait for a price rise.

A more serious answer is that to enjoy the full discount we’re getting, Stuart and I are buying Silver in £1,000 to £2,000 lots. In other words we’re buying about 100-200 coins at a time but like all things in life you can start small and slowly grow as you gain confidence or whenever you have some spare cash.

Don’t forget, these brand new, freshly minted coins make absolutely AWESOME presents for loved ones and they are probably the only things they will ever be given as a present that might actually go UP in value as opposed to being worth half their value the second the wrapper comes off.

For your interest, Stuart and I are putting over £300k into precious metals like silver. So if they triple in value (we hope!) then we make a quick £600k. And that’s DEFINITELY worth having.

But, as I say, the bare minimum is much less than that if you are just getting started. If you only have £100 to invest then that’s fine. The point is to make a start.

Another question which is sure to come up is: “How soon do you anticipate making a profit?”

You know the answer!

“We really don’t know!”

It’s 1998 all over again when we were buying gold for exactly the same reasons.

Silver could take off tomorrow (literally) or next month. Or it could languish for another year. We don’t know and we don’t really care. We just believe this is an amazing window of opportunity, for reasons we’ll explain when we meet.

We certainly don’t think you should run off and buy silver BEFORE you’ve had a chance to hear our reasoning and also our sources of discounted silver.

We would class this as a ‘long term’ play rather than a quick profit play. Sure, silver could go ballistic by the time you read this, but more likely it will take some time and that’s just as well because the last thing you want to hear is that the price of silver doubled last month and you missed it.

Now something important because we know some people who attend will want to copy what we are doing…

Important Notice

For legal reasons we are obliged the state the following. This DVD Box set does not constitute investment advice. We are not IFAs we are telling you what we are investing in and not every investment idea is suitable for every investor.

Please seek independent financial advice before copying us, if that’s what you intend. Also, we are NOT trying to ‘sell you silver’. We are amassing it, not selling it. We are happy to introduce you to our sources though as they have enough to go around. We do not receive commissions either directly or indirectly from anyone on this matter.

We hope that’s very clear. This is a DVD Box set about what we are up to in 2015 and also revealing our treasured suppliers. It’s not an investment advice programme. Obviously we can’t stop you copying us though.

A Personal Message From Barry Tyler

This opportunity, to buy brand new uncirculated silver coins at a 20% discount is very time sensitive which is why I am giving this such a high priority. That’s why we’re rushing it out now on DVD. Whether you have £20 to invest or £20,000 to invest, for once it really doesn’t matter and I know that wherever you are in your search for financial freedom you can’t afford to miss this one.

But there’s more – there’s lots more.

As you all know, my personal target for making my own money sweat this year is a whopping 70% annual return. That might sound a lot but it is perfectly achievable if you know what to do – and right now that’s exactly what I am achieving and I’m more than happy to share that with you.

I got ripped off for a cool £150,000 a few years ago. I don’t blame anyone but myself for that error of judgement (I will never say I am a good judge of character ever again) so it’s important for me that I get that money back – and more besides. That’s why the 70% annual target is so important to me right now.

I hijacked some of the afternoon session and covered the things which I think can supercharge YOUR quest for financial freedom.

Special Bonus Session

Over the last few years Stuart and I have been helping members on a ‘one to one’ basis. I have to say that emotionally it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for us. It has achieved fantastic results and there’s nothing we love more than seeing others do well. However, we do realise that the  1-1 consultation fee (£1,600 plus vat for a half day) is a bit steep for many members.

So, with Stuart’s agreement, I will be putting together an “open mic” session to give any delegate who wants to the chance to ask the questions that are most important to them. You’ll remember we did this about three years ago and the feedback was absolutely awesome.

I hope that this will give you a chance to ask those questions that are really personal to you but also, will help others in the audience who are struggling with the very same issues.

From personal experience, Stuart and I realise just how powerful it is to have a mentor who can point out the “blindingly obvious” even though those answers have eluded you for ages.

And by the way, Stuart and I still pay mentors to help us with our “blindingly obvious” problems as well. Believe me, this is something EVERYONE needs no matter how much or how little they have achieved so far in their lives.

Of course, if you are stuck for time and are mainly interested in the silver opportunity you can leave anytime you like in the afternoon. On the other had we will be happy to stay for a long as you want to answer any question you want to throw at us.

I don’t think we can say fairer than that do you?

Kind Regards

Barry Tyler


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