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If you read the Financial Times recently you will have seen that quietly and without much fanfare, China has launched its very own Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in gold.

So what? Who gives a damn?

You should!

You may not even know what a gold ETF is, but none of that matters. All you need to know is that ETFs in gold have played a massive role in powering gold prices up since 2003.

For example, the world’s largest physical gold ETF (called SPDR) holds over 1,300 tons of gold. That’s a HUGE amount. It makes it the sixth largest gold holder in the world.

China will need over one thousand tons to run its own ETF – and that’s on TOP of the vast quantity of gold it is secretly stashing.

Slap that level of gold demand on top of an already scarce commodity and gold prices can only go one way.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced that it expected gold consumption in the country would be running at more than double national gold production. Domestic gold demand is set to surpass 1000 tons . It said this would “widen the fundamental market shortage” observing that the shortage of supply will persist in the coming few years as domestic gold supply “might only reach 450 tons by that time.”

In short, China is about to need a LOT more gold.

What do you think that will do for the gold price?

But that’s just the beginning of the drivers which could see gold hitting $5,000 an ounce or more.

You see, many serious analysts believe that China is positioning itself to destroy the USA economically.

According to Weiss Research “We have uncovered compelling evidence that China is conspiring with a small group of rogue nations to knock America off its global pedestal, sending the dollar into the dustbin of history.

Here’s a big secret you WON’T read about in the mainstream press…

China is secretly hoarding gold with the aim of becoming the world’s biggest gold holder.


Their game plan is to have the Yuan as the world’s reserve currency, thus destroying the US dollar.

But they know they can never get the Yuan accepted over the US dollar if it’s just another worthless paper currency – so the plan is to back the Yuan with gold.

China is already the world’s largest producer of gold. But… they are not exporting a single ounce of it! Rather the opposite. They have been importing vast amounts of gold, mostly in secret.

Why would they do that?

So that they have enough to create the first gold-backed currency for 60 years!

They’re snapping-up gold mines around the world too. Whilst keeping the extent of their gold reserves top secret. They have not reported their reserves since 2009!

Follow me on this gold story because it is critical to your future wealth…

When (not ‘if’) the dollar falls, interest rates will soar. I won’t even dwell on the mayhem which will ensue as the current forty-five million US citizens who currently claim handouts, take to the streets and riot.

Investors will flee the worthless dollar (and other paper currencies) and rush to ‘hard’ assets like gold and other precious metals. Anything that is based on empty promises will crash and burn.

That’s stocks, fiat currencies and bonds to name a few.

We could see the largest stock and bond market crash in the history of the world.

So assets like gold (and silver) are set to skyrocket in price as this end-game plays out.

But even if I’m only half right (or 10% right, for that matter) there are a number of other drivers, apart from this amazing China story, which could power gold prices to the moon in the very near future.

Because this gold story is so urgent, I’ve dropped everything else (all my other projects) to write a special report on these dramatic ‘once in a lifetime’ events.

I have simply called it ‘Buy Gold’.

In Buy Gold I reveal the full story on the China situation. You will be astonished when you read it as very little of this has appeared in the mainstream press.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about why that may be!

In “Buy Gold” I will also reveal:

The countries which have asked for their gold back – and why this will drive up prices. (This story alone will make your hair stand on end. You couldn’t make it up!)

* Why ‘Basel 3’ is a dramatic driver of gold prices. Again, little reported and almost nobody even knows what it means.

* Is the gold price being manipulated? And what happens when the manipulation fails – as it must.

* Why Gold could easily go to $5,000 an ounce.

* Where do you buy gold?

* Which gold you should buy and which gold you should not to buy?

* Simple tests to tell if your physical gold is ‘real’.

* Gold ETFs – something to get involved in or not?

* How and where to store your gold? (This will amaze you!)

* Investing in gold mining stocks?

* Where the gold price is headed next?

* Which gold is tax exempt saving you thousands of pounds?

And much more.

You need to download and read this gold report TODAY.  It is urgent that you at least GET STARTED in your gold buying as early as you possibly can.


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