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Would you like to make an extra £1,000 a month tax free with just a couple of minutes work each day? Of course you would – don’t pretend otherwise. In my experience there isn’t a single person in the land who wouldn’t absolutely love to have just an extra thousand pounds cash stuffed in their pocket each month to pay off the gas bill and the credit card.

This ten-part training course shows you exactly how I make huge profits every year from horse racing even though I don’t know when end of a horse from the other. And I promise you – absolutely anyone can do this.

I call it my D.L.S. – or my Dirty Little Secret and for the past 12 years that is what it has been. No one in my family even knew that I had been doing this until very recently – but now I am coming out. Why? Simple – this is just too good to keep under wraps. If only I had six ideas as good as this one.

Many of my regular readers will be horrified to read about this but I am sorry, if I can show people how to bump their income up by £12k a year tax free I have to do it. And if you know of a better way of making this kind of money in a couple of minutes of your lunch break please write in. I know I will not be hearing from you because you simply don’t have anything that can touch this.

Yes – I know what you are thinking but if you have been to one of my seminars and learned about “playing away” – please read on before you click away.

Let me tell you – I have personally used this for over twelve years.

Yes – read that again – over 12 years and I have never had a single losing year – ever. My average profit is well over £1,000 a month. You cannot say those things these days if they are not 100% true. i would be closed down over night if just one word of this copy could not be proven.

At the time of writing I am £10,000 up and we are only three months into the new year. I know it is hard to believe this when we all know that 99% of punters actually LOSE money every year gambling – but what can I tell you? I can personally vouch for this product as being in my top-ten all time great investment opportunities.

This isn’t a get rich scheme. It won’t make you rich overnight, in fact it won’t give you enough money to retire on but it will give you an extra one thousand pounds a month cash in your hand. Plus the added advantage of NO TAX, NO VAT, NO NATIONAL INSURANCE. It is without doubt ione of the best things I have ever done. Is it guaranteed? Well for legal reasons I have to say NO – but what I can tell you is that I still do this today and everyday because it is an absolute no brainer. It takes me a couple of minutes a day – honestly – that is it.

A grand a month cash in your pocket for a couple of minutes “work” a day.

If anyone else were to offer you this product I would tell you to run a mile – but this is the real deal. This training course will tell you what I do and how I do it – word for word.

And there is more. If my word is not enough – 29 members of my Inner Circle joined this scheme when I promoted it for the first time in March 2011. Here is what they say just four weeks later:

“The DLS, by the way, is a revelation; fantastic success already, and it’s so much fun”.  J.W.

“Just a quick note to say I’m getting on really well with the DLS system. Already up over £4000 so far so going fantastic for me.”  M.R.

“I can’t believe what I am seeing. Totally unbelievable. This DLS is just fantastic.”  F.C.

“Unlike most who have the attitude of “I’ll put a little bet on & see if it works” I decided, hey it`s got a 13 year track record & Barry’s a bright boy so i’m going large  – all in and – bloody brilliant i’m £8,000 UP.”  R.S.

“I can’t believe what I am seeing. Totally unbelievable. This DLS is just fantastic”.  F.C.

“I have to say that this is the most fun I’ve had from an investment in my whole life!!”   A.B.

“Unlike most who have the attitude of ” I’ll put a little bet on & see if it works- yawn” I just did exactly what you said and went for it. I thought, hey it`s got a 13 year track record & Barry’s a bright boy – I’m going LARGE -ALL IN ……  bloody brilliant I’m £8,000 UP already. Thank you so much”.   R.S.

“I’m betting £50 per point, my first bet was on 28th February and as of yesterday my net profit is £3,421”.

“I know it’s early days but £400 e.w. with Al Ferof turning into £2900 was pretty stunning, if not a bit surreal – surreal enough to double check my bank account a day later and see it sitting there (spot the newbie to this!) .  As for Long Run and then Denman in the same race…. unbelievable”  J.

“Thanks so much for including us in your DLS – we’re haunting the bookies, and still reeling from the win on Al Ferof. Three short weeks ago and we thought Cheltenham simply housed retired military gents and a ladies college. Goodness, how our world’s expanded. Thanks again”. J.W.


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