The Midas Method


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The Secrets Contained in The Midas Method Have Launched Over 943 Millionaires! Now You Can Get Those Same Secrets Working For YOU!

Dear Reader,

My name is Stuart Goldsmith and Twenty five years ago I wrote a simple paperback book on how to become wealthy.

Little did I know the book would become a timeless classic and sell hundreds of thousands of copies in 22 countries worldwide.

It’s been translated into Greek and Korean – to name just two languages!

But even more importantly, it has resulted in thousands of testimonial letters from people who have used its secrets to create a better life for themselves.

The Midas Method by Stuart Goldsmith

Many millionaires attribute their start in life to reading this book. I personally hold 32,000+ testimonials from people who have taken my teachings and used them to create financial freedom for themselves.

Here’s the thing …

For many years the book has been out of print and only available second hand. But they are rare as people do not want to part with their copy.

Over the last few years I’ve received many letters asking if I still had any copies of this book, but alas I sold the last one about three years ago.

Then I had a simple idea. Why not reprint a small batch and make them available to people just setting foot on the path of financial freedom?

People like you…

This could be just the stepping stone you’ve been looking for to take the plunge and sign up for my advanced course on wealth creation (the full Beyond Wealth programme).

How the Midas Method book can change lives

Here’s something very interesting…

Years ago I was totally broke and maxed-out and with NO hope of getting ahead of the game.

I sent off for a simple little book I saw advertised in a newspaper.

It was £10 (equivalent to about £30 now) and I confess I didn’t even expect it to arrive.

When it did, I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and… that book totally changed my life. It set me on the path to becoming a multi-millionaire. The author of that book died many years ago otherwise I would have written him a personal ‘thank you’ letter, just like the thousands of letters people have written to me.

I mention this just to show you that a simple book really CAN be the thing that turns your life around.

Of course, no book can ‘make you rich’. That would be silly. It’s just that the ideas in the right book can suddenly wake you up and set you on the path for better things.

I believe that the Midas Method is a life-changing book and when you read it I hope you will agree.

So… I’ve had printed just 500 copies of this book.

I have no plans to print any more copies as they are very expensive in small quantities.

Within a very short while, you could be getting the secrets of The Midas Method working for YOU!

Best Regards


Stuart Goldsmith (Author)

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