How to be number one on Google

Thanks to website technology, you no longer need big premises, lots of staff and all the overheads that go with those things in order to make money. A well-build website will bring you far more customers than any shop or office block ever can. It will also look after all of your invoicing, your marketing as well as having a built in database to mange your clients.

A website never closes the doors – it is always open even on bank holidays. A website doesn’t serve one geographical area – it covers the world. But most important of all, a website is cheap to build and cheap to maintain. No business rates here dragging you down like a stone.

How to Search Engine Optimise your website

However, the one thing you must do with a website is give it a good dose of Search Engine Optimisation, (or SEO for short), on a regular basis. As a businessman who uses websites myself, I understand the huge difference between being on the first page of Google versus being on page 27- or how about page 127.

If you use a search engine yourself, like Google or Bing, you know that you will find what you are looking for on the first few pages of a search engine right? And if you don’t, do you keep scrolling through page after page? No of course you don’t – you simply re-define your search term, right?

That is why being top of the search engines is so important to your business and your profits. There’s absolutely no point having a website if no one can find it and that’s why search engine optimisation is so important.

I am so passionate about this, and the effect it will have on YOUR income I have put together four half day training courses on SEO. I plan to teach you some of the tricks that I use to make sure my websites get lots of visitors and appear high on the rankings.

Learn how to SEO your website – half day workshops.

If you would like to attend one of these half day courses, click on the following link and it will give you all the dates and other details. The cost is a mere £97 plus vat per person which is ridiculous when you think what a difference these skills will make to the profitability of your website. it will also give us a chance to have a chat about what exactly you are trying to achieve and the best way of going about it.

This website is perfect if you already have a website but doubly so if you haven’t got round to building one yet. It will show you exactly what is needed and it will save you a lot of wasted time and money in ensuring your website is best in class right from day one.

Learn how to do search engine optimisation on your website in order to maximise your profits.

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