US Mint runs out of silver

The US Mint has run out of physical silver as demand from investors show no sign of diminishing. In Canada the Mint has had to resort to silver rationing.

It doesn’t make sense does it? How can demand for physical silver be high while the silver price is falling?

The answer is “paper silver”. This is where silver is traded on the Silver Futures market but no actual silver ever changes hands. The paper silver markets are absolutely huge whilst the physical market is tiny – but they are both priced using pretty much the same index based on the silver spot price. Consequently, short sellers of paper silver drive the price down even though physical demand remains extremely strong.

The solution is that the physical price will eventually attract a premium over and above the spot price. To some extent this does exist already but not in the proportion you would reasonably expect.

The Silver Price is at 5 Year Low.

The good news for people like me, who are still in the silver “acquisition phase”, is that physical silver is cheap – very cheap in fact. It currently sits at a five year price low. Silver could treble in price and it would still only be at the same price it was in 2009.

Back in 1998 I had exactly the same message to say about gold. At the time, gold was selling for less than £200 an ounce – and no one was interested. It took a couple of years for me to get a position big enough to make a difference and then I sat back and watched as gold went to over £1,000 an ounce. Many of my readers wouldn’t get in until the price had already rocketed and they felt “safe” – by then it was a bit late to see the same gains as I was enjoying. Fortune favours the brave.

In my newsletter I tell people to buy low and sell high. They nod their heads. They say “Yeah, yeah – that’s obvious!” Doing it is a different matter altogether.

The reality is, to “buy low” you have to be buy a product that is hated by everyone else. You have to be prepared to buy product that has fallen in price and that no one else wants. You have to buy when everyone else is selling. That’s a hard thing to do for most investors. They would rather buy silver when everyone else is buying silver – it just “feels” better.

That’s not the only problem.

Even when you have decided that you are prepared to go against the flow, most people don’t have a huge amount of money sotting around looking for a home. Even when you have decided to buy silver it will take  amy months to build up your position as and when funds become available. I don’t think a year is an unreasonable period of time to build a worthwhile silver position.

Buy silver while it’s in the bargain bucket – not after the price has already doubled.

In my opinion the time to start, if you haven’t already done so, is right now. At best, opportunities like this only come around once or twice in your lifetime.

I started buying physical silver in the summer and I buy the same value of silver every month. If the price falls I simply get more silver for my money. I’m praying the price stays low until I am “all in”. As you probably know from the newsletter, I buy my silver at a whopping 20% discount. That means I could sell it immediately at a profit if I wanted to.


  • At £100 to double-you’re not really competing with large scale seasoned professionals.

    Once you go down the doubling numbers you begin to compete in effect with institutions and or Goverment policy etc(as that kind of continual doubling becomes an Intrest to the other 7 billion people and stated Goverment)

    As a result-after a handful of these ‘doubling’ moves…the ability and time and competing positions from other investors and said governments etc just make the ability a compounded hardness.

    Hopefully as we become more sophisticated we can enjoy these posts but realise they are like any other headline….attention seeking!

    • I’m afraid that none of that is even remotely true, Gerry. Remember, DYWTAM was written by not one, but two, multi-millionaires using these very techniques. I suspect that you’ve been ripped off in the past by the many “get rich quick schemes” that are out there. That’s a real shame. Having done all of the fourteen levels myself, (and I watch others do the same every week), I feel highly qualified to disagree with every single one of your comments. If you’re not rich now then you have to change your thinking if you want to make serious money. Here’s the thing; “If you keep doing what you’ve always done – you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got”. Stop and think about that for a minute. I don’t know if you live in a two million pound house but if you don’t, here you are telling someone who does that this won’t work. Really? The DYWTAM Programme is a genuine no-nonsense guide on how to become a millionaire – and absolutely anyone can do it.

  • Barry, is it only 10 issues of Double your way to a Million? A friend of mine who is interested wants to know, thanks.

  • hi barry i am interested in your horse racing course and your recommendation of using isiris,i understand kevin booth has resigned from isiris do you still recommend we use this company still thank you,and also i notice on your websitethat it is still dated 2017 .

    • Good question. I have not used the Isiris service recently. I had a brilliant 11 year run but eventually I got closed down by all the bookmakers. I guess that’s a real sign of success but it was fun to do and I actually miss it. I did not know that Kevin had actually retired but I understand that the results this year have been extremely good. Maybe regular readers who still use Isiris can update me on that one and let me know how they are doing.

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