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“Although I’m not in the big-league, your advice over the years has made a huge difference – I have had the confidence to make decisions I would never have previously considered,  meaning that retirement is looking very comfortable indeed! Thanks – all round”.

C.B. Oct 2019


“I’m 65 in November, but really feel like huge new things are going to happen for me, and you have played a part in keeping that mind-set going. 65 is the new 45.

Keep up the great work”.


“Short and punchy… Yet again you deserve the title of “person most likely to get me off my ass to do something”.


“I am writing to you to let you know that after 53 years on this planet I am now completely debt-free. Apart from the cost of day-to-day living of course (and a couple of off-spring). A lot of the plan in helping me to achieve this has been down to you and your advice.”


“Awesome work!  kick up the @ss and funny… stamp of approval!


“Absolutely awesome newsletter this week. Some really great stuff in there. Keep ’em coming.”


“Please keep up the excellent work, not sure what sort of feedback you get from “the punter” but your opinions and advice are greatly valued.”


“Great newsletter Barry – brilliantly inspirational”


“Got my ‘Beyond Wealth’ book and in the throes of starting up a new business. You are my inspiration!! ”

“Thank you for being my inspiration!! Keep up the great work and roll on the next newsletter – I can hardly wait!!”


“Just like to say a big thank you for all the time and effort you put into making our lives better off financially.  Without your guidance, things would be a lot less optimistic for a lot of people. Keep up the good work! It really is appreciated, Barry.”


“I have to say, and I hope you straighten with pride as you read it, you are a model on whom we wish to base our own business etiquette. People like you are hard to find but it’s worth the search”.


“The seminar was excellent and well worth travelling in for from Holland”.


“Brilliant Constructive kick up the arse informative newsletter that I like to receive.

Thanks again Barry, now…

Back to work – to plan where we go from here.”


“I can honestly say that your newsletters have changed, and continue to change, my life”


“I have already shaved a good 10 years off my working life with your advice and guidance through the newsletters”.


“It’s great to know there are people out there who really know what the hell is going on in the world, I feel lucky to know you”.


“Hi Barry

I took your advice and bought gold last year, probably more than I should have to maintain a proper diversity. In that year I made 47k, and have now banked that profit to reinvest elsewhere, while maintaining the original sum in gold, although I also now have some silver.

So I thought I would write you an email to say a very big thank you; your advice is obviously worth far more than its weight in gold!”


“Your Inner Circle newsletters continue to be incisive and to the point and, for that, worth their weight in gold. What higher praise can I give them?

It was a humbling experience setting out my investments on two pages and, of course, you were spot on about the weighting – 87% in my case on my own property/pension”.


I find your newsletters extremely well balanced and informative. I will be coming to your February seminar for the first time and am very much looking forward to it. I hope you keep doing what you are doing forever.


It is the ONLY property/investment/business newsletter I ever read over the last 5 years as soon as it arrives. In this media world that is the biggest compliment I could give.


Your best newsletter yet! More of the same please, some real gold nuggets in there that I will be implementing this weekend.

Unfortunately, I have to sell a big portion of Gold today to pay the tax man – gutted I did not sell at $1212 – however I have still made a whopping 29% on my money. Thank you 🙂


Thought it was about time I reviewed the value of my gold and silver Perth certificates. The gold value is up 60% and even the silver is 25% compared to when I bought them in October 2007.

My wife and I have been reading your amazing newsletter for six years. When I say it is the most life-changing thing I have ever read I am not joking. Whatever you do – don’t stop writing!!!


You are one of the motivational factors that keep me firing on all cylinders. Thanks.


Please allow me to thank you for your “no bullshit” approach which even a simple guy with little capital like me can understand and take advantage of; I’m enthused by becoming a member of your new venture and very much look forward to the future.


I am sooo glad I heeded your advice 18 months ago. Thank you, Barry, I’m a very happy lady.”



Thank you for your wonderful newsletters over the past year. They have brought me more knowledge and laughter than I ever received at school.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and a year of successful investing in 2009.


Your newsletter is like a torch in an ocean of darkness. (I’m normally not this poetic, but you deserve it)


“Great Newsletter – week after week. Inspirational. Great reader stories too! Keep up the excellent advice”.


“I must congratulate you on this week’s newsletter. Any newsletter that can have an entire paragraph that consists of the word “cretins”, rapidly followed by the use of the word “retards” gets my vote any day”.


“The best decisions I have made in the last 3 years are the ones that have been preceded by the question…

“What would Barry do in this situation?”


Hi Barry

I don’t know how you do it, but almost every newsletter has some little gem of inspiration and no doubt perspiration on your part. The way you write and deliver your message is BANG ON. Please carry on for as long as can, we do read every word.



Barry, thank-you so much for the newsletters, they almost make my elbows explode with excitement…


The Barry Tyler newsletter is not only hugely amusing but is well written and informative. Your advice is sound and intelligent and it’s good to see that many of those things I have instinctively done in my own past have been the correct thing to do (or at least the sort of things you would have done). I love the truisms which once read, resonate inside so that you know them to be fundamentally true.


The Barry Tyler newsletter is very well presented, insightful, thought-provoking and somewhat slightly inspiring to read for a young rookie investor such as myself. I have read and saved every one for over a year now, so please keep writing and giving us more of your thoughts, passions and wisdom.


Thought-provoking! Out-of-the-box! Inspirational!



WOW – don’t ever stop the absolutely awesome newsletter, Barry. 14 months ago I read one of your newsletters by chance, (or was it when the student is ready, the teacher arrives). From nothing to 7 properties and my own business, – thanks go to Barry Tyler who I owe so much to -you have lifted me up to the next plateau.

With gratitude – you have shown me the way – Mr Inspiration.

D. S.

I have been receiving the Barry Tyler newsletter for several months now. I don’t only read it once but sometimes twice or even three times (depending on the content). I consider it to be a great source of down to earth, realistic advice that has helped me to stay focused and not get distracted by media stories, friends and so-called financial experts who try to throw me off course. Like almost everyone I know, I don’t have much time to read articles, watch news/radio etc. To be able to get all the week’s developments condensed into 1 Newsletter is a God-Send.


Dear Barry,

The Barry Tyler newsletter is brilliant, barmy, crazy, inspiring, crackers and compelling all rolled into one.

Keep up the good work.


I think YOU are an amazing man – probably the most influential person I have ever met in my life, and the newsletters are fantastic. Everything you say is right, I quote what you have to say to many many people.

Keep up the good work Barry – you’re brilliant,!



Please do not stop the scribblings. Your comments are short, sharp, to the point – and more importantly, they all make sense to me. I actually, have never had cause to disagree so far with a word you have said. My credentials aren’t great. (sorry!) I am a lowly investor, owning my own main residence, having bought a UK investment property and an apartment in Spain. I fully understand and agree with the concepts you write in your weekly emails. I look forward, not only to the weekly digestion of knowledge but to the humorous way in which you choose to get your point across. I sound a bit like a fanatic. Just keep delivering your wonderful weekly sermons, Rev. Tyler. I confess to be your most avid fan, and promise I will continue to take note until I become a multi-millionaire or you expire. (whichever is the soonest).

With the warmest, kind regards

V.J. 2007

Your words not only inspire me in the property arena but also within the business market I work in. I have shared your emails with others within our business and friends as your humorous way of dissecting any given situation is, well, fabulous!.

I.W. 2007

I think it is a wonderful pick-me-up even when I am not down. Interesting, thought-provoking, witty, amusing and a really good read. There are NO other newsletters like it – I look forward to the next letter each time. Keep up the good work.

I.S. 2007

Barry Keep it up, a great read. You da man, – always got time to read your thoughts – like your honesty, its a real treat amongst all the hogs waddle in the world.

D.J. 2007

The Gospel according to Barry.

I think you’re absolutely spot on, I’m not interested in scientific or theoretical evidence, I’m seeking knowledgeable information based on learned facts & statistics.

I really look forward to your cut to the chase no-nonsense newsletters, which actually make more sense, than biased financial reports based on marketing & attitudes.

H.H. 2007

Keep em coming


In a sea of ordinariness, you stand out. I am an IFA and therefore qualified to answer the questions you are not, not that I would want to! I receive many emails about all matters financial. Yours stands out as slightly ‘off the wall’, with real, well-argued opinions. Refreshing and valued. Please don’t succumb to mediocrity.

SM 2007

May I say that I actually look forward to receiving it as I really like the writing style, the excellent content and regard it as the most useful Buy-To-Let information I have seen anywhere – and I’ve seen a lot!

P.G. October 2007

Hi Barry, Please don’t stop writing your newsletters, I am new to the prospect of buy to rent investment and a late starter unfortunately at 51 year’s old. Please know that the experience and sound advice I have gleaned from your letters have built my confidence and alleviated a number of fears. I have just about paid off my own mortgage and hope to invest in my first buy to let venture in the not too distant future, any specific advice welcome for this novice? anyway keep writing! You are a real inspiration and blessing – thank you.

J.B. July 2007

We love your snapshots in history when you reminisce of how things were, the assumptions of the time and what the media and the press said etc.

We have found that very little is written or spoken about property in the media that leaves you feeling positive – in fact, very little news is positive anyway – its all shocking and sensationalism

We think you have the newsletter just right – always thought-provoking, often inspiring and occasionally calming when storm warnings are in and we are already quite a way out to sea .

Thanks for a year of self-discovery.

M & Q F July 2007

Just a quick note to say that my sister Carolyn and I have read every one of your newsletters since about number 30 – and the only reason we haven’t read those was because we couldn’t get hold of them. The newsletters are brilliantly written, insightful and thought provoking. They make us stop and think – and talk about what we’re doing and why.

Kind regards

S. C. July 2007

The newsletter is brilliant – It makes me look at things differently and think differently. I don’t read or take any notice of the property sections of any newspaper – because of your newsletter. Please don’t give it up – it is the most interesting thing I read (mmm, maybe that’s a sad indictment of my reading – but you know what I mean.!)

M. T. July 2007

Spot on. I look forward to the hard-hitting facts and advice contained in every issue. Invaluable information to help me along my quest.

Hope you don’t tire of providing the information.

R. B. June 2007

It is really refreshing to see in your emails a newsletter that has not only a lack of hidden agenda or trying to sell me anything but a genuine interest in advising, furthering and helping people. Your newsletters are insightful, interesting and cover a wide range of subjects aswell as property.

I actually feel like I learn something when reading your emails 🙂

Don’t change a thing and keep it up!

D. D. June 2007

In character you remind me of Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) for daring to be outspoken, confident in your advice and dare I say “happy” not to tow the party line of whatever “the powers that be” want us to think and do.

JUST KEEP ON REPEATING YOUR ADVICE – it is always a fantastic read. I’m sure you won’t lose your Midas touch (or ever get writer’s block).

W. M. June 2007

I love your weekly newsletters – I go through them each Thursday highlighting what I think is important and worth noting. I judge a good read by the amount of highlighter on the page and there’s always a lot of highlighter on your newsletters. I learn something every week.

You are frank, very knowledgeable about everything to do with property, what you say is completely logical, i.e. most of it we should know already, you just spit it out for everyone (excuse the expression). Your advice is spot on and you are not afraid to share it with everyone – unlike some people in this business.

Well done – do not change anything you are doing. Keep up the good work, keep the good advice coming. Thank you.

D. K. June 2007

My dad forwards the newsletter on to me every week and we both think its great.

The way you write as if your talking to the reader personally makes the newsletter so much easier to read and more fun too (are you sure your not just talking to me?)

We often agree and share the same views on many topics discussed and your enthusiasm for property can give great motivation.

Very educational, extremely enlightening and a pleasure to read, one of the very few newsletters that are not deleted from my email.

R. L. June 2007

I would like to thank you for your wit, your intelligence and your insight evidenced in your columns.

These are well structured, informative and are well written.

We look forward to reading them.

M. W. June 2007

I enjoy reading your opinions, even if I don’t always agree with them. They make me THINK about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it… not only in house-buying funnily enough. They also make me laugh when you get on your high horse…so I laugh a lot! I think the way you re-iterate what we should be doing before buying, due diligence, buy with your head not your heart, and my particular favourite the rants against spending on cards/trinkets etc are all worthy of repetition from time to time.

D. D. May 2007

Excellent and very readable. I always make point of reading the whole newsletter and I find it both educational and fun. For me as a novice, it is also reassuring that I am doing the right thing. Stepping outside our comfort zone always produces masses of “experts” who will try to persuade you what a fool you are!

So Keep up the good work – Thank You.

B. J. June 2007

I like that you inspire people to think outside the box, you are direct and there’s no bullsh*tting – you say it how it is. Well done, I love it.

L .S. June 2007

Been reading for about 6 months now. I’m an IFA and have told clients to get on your newsletter who are looking at property investment.

Great read, I don’t think you should change anything. In fact, the MORE opinionated you are the better.
R. P. June 2007

Do not under any circumstances stop writing your newsletter. I really enjoy your philosophy. You make us think, and you offer common sense, and you give me faith in the property business. I have also re-arranged my debt repayment, and I am climbing up that ladder. I have two properties, one in the UK and one in South Africa, and plan to acquire as many as I can.

Keep it up. All the best.

B. B. June 2007

I think your newsletter is excellent and look forward to reading it like a child waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. .

Keep up the good work.

S. T. June 2007

I think your newsletter is absolutely fantastic.

I am a property investor and I also work full time working for an employer. I can safely say that your newsletter is one of the only pieces of regular correspondence I can actually read and truely know and understand each and every point you outline is REAL.

In actual fact some editions of the newsletters if anything are too detailed and give away too many tricks of the investment trade, but that is all good as well as it further confirms to me that I am on the right track.

The layout and format certainly work for me, the harshness of reality you sometimes explain although sometimes upsetting, it is still required and I totally support your stance on telling it how it is. If readers want something a bit more fairytale-like, advise them to carry reading their daily broadsheets, because journalist know everything don’t they.


D. P. June 2007

The newsletter is a brilliant read, I like it a lot – full of stuff to make you really think. I like your style, honesty and wit to boot.

T. T. June 2007

I have been reading all your newsletters and I find them very informative, motivational and most of all full of Barry himself (sense of humour).

Don’t change anything and keep them coming. Your personality is a major part of the newsletters in my opinion and changing that would be disastrous. I get lots of news letters etc fired at me throughout my days at work but I always find myself only reading yours fully.

Best of luck for the future – you have been very inspirational.

Kind Regards

N. A. June 2007
Managing Director

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