Current Shares Portfolio

Current Position:  UP 102% plus annual dividends to be added on top. Note that all positions are assumed to stay open in the event of an ongoing loss situation. Many investors use a 25% stop loss position in order to minimise losses on one particular stock. Please note that as we approach the end of 2014 I am slowly reducing my stake in the stock market as I believe a collapse is imminent.
Company Ticker Date of Entry Price on Entry Price Now Cap Gain
Dividend  Market
Goldcorp NYSE: GG Jan 2008 $28.84 $18.55 – 35%  +1.2% dividend Gold Mining BUY
BP FTSE: BP.L Jan 2010 £570.00 £449.25 – 21%  +3.8% dividend  Oil/Gas BUY
BP FTSE: BP.L Jul 2010 £330.00 £449.25 + 36%  +3.8% dividend  Oil/Gas BUY
Markwest Energy NYSE: MWE Jan 2010 $30.95 $68.48 + 121%  + 5.96% dividend  Energy BUY
India Fund NYSE: IFN Jan 2010 $17.20 $27.87 + 62%
(+11% cash dist.)
 + 0.6% dividend  India BUY
Barrick Gold NYSE: ABX Jan 2010 $35.04 $19.57 – 44%  + 1.3% dividend  Gold (& Copper) Mining BUY
Silver Wheaton
17.6.11 Sell On Highs
TO:SLW Jul 2010  $18.54  $38.31  +106%
Banked Profits
  + 0.4% dividend  Silver SOLD 106% profit
Transatlantic Petroleum AMEX: TAT Jan 2011  $ 3.20  $ 1.064   – 65%     N/A  Oil/Turkey BUY
Stans Energy Corp TSX:HRE
changed from RUU
Jan 2011  C$2.10  $ 0.185   – 91%     N/A  Rare Earths BUY
Ucore Rare Metals CDNX:UCU.V Jan 2011  C$ 0.84 CAD 0.46    -45%     N/A  Rare Earths BUY
Cameco TO:CCO Jan 2011  C$ 41.00 CAD 24.92    -39%     N/A  Uranium BUY
 Cameco TO:CCO  Mar 2011  C$ 28.00  CAD
   -11%     N/A  Uranium BUY
14.9.12 take profits
LLOY.L May 2012 £0.25 £0.76 + 204%     N/A  Banking TAKE PROFITS
 Ericsson  Nasdaq:ERIC  Nov 2012  $8.64 $12.67 + 47%  Tech Stock  TAKE PROFITS
 Apple Inc  Nasdaq:AAPL  Nov 2012 $54.00  $100.57 + 86%  Tech stock  SOLD 86% profit
 Biotime  Amex:BTX  Jan
 $3.95  $3.50  -11%          –  Bio  BUY
 Igas Energy  IGAS.L  July 2013  £1.17 £1.30 + 11%  Energy  BUY
 Centrica  CNA.L  July 2013 £ 3.88 £3.23 – 16%  Energy  BUY

Last Updated 1.11.14

The stocks listed are stocks that I personally own, either directly or through a company. A 25% stop loss would be sensible to limit losses on a falling stock. I am not an IFA and cannot tell you what you should and should not invest in. Not all investments are suitable for everyone. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.  Past performance is no indicator of future performance. Always seek independent financial advice before making any investment decision.

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