High Tech companies say “Yes” to post Brexit UK

Apple, Google, Facebook and IBM announce multi-million pound investments in Post-Brexit UK.

Four of the biggest IT companies in the world have just announced huge investment in London’s High Tech industry. The post-Brexit decisions make the announcements even more significant.

First up was Apple to announce plans to create a a campus in battersea that will make it the areas biggest employer. Google then came out with its plans to build its brand new headquarters in Kings Cross. This was closely followed by Facebook who says it will double its UK operations in 2017 and finally IBM announced its own multi-million pound investment in the UK.

Four Major IT Companies commit to massive investments in the UK.

All four announcements seem to suggest that Brexit was not a major factor and that it is more important to them that the UK is increasingly seem as an important centre for IT. If this means my EE mobile phone will finally work where I live (just 30 miles outside London) it will be happy days.

The Apple negotiations for the move into Battersea Power Station have been running for well over a year. The flagship location is as significant to the Apple brand as it is to a post-Brexit Britain worried about its relationships with overseas investors. Britain has grown into something of a tech hub in recent years and these latest announcements will certainly reinforce that position. Whilst London is playing a major role, the increase in IT investment does extend well outside the capital itself. Between 2010 and 2015 the number of UK tech firms increased by a staggering 30 per cent.

It’s all good news for the UK economy, not just because of the size of the companies involved, or indeed the investment money involved. For the UK it is the actual timing of these investments which has the most value. It is a vote of confidence at a time when it is needed most.

Whether you voted to leave the EU or stay, there is no pleasure for either side in seeing the UK economy grind to a standstill. Announcements like this will not only help UK moral but will also encourage other companies to follow suit.



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