Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom: How to achieve financial independence!

Financial freedom is not the same as earning a lot of money. Financial freedom is much more than that.

I have lots of friends who earn a lot of money – but they do not have financial freedom.

Let me explain.

We are born with all to live for.

Everything is ahead of us and there seems little in the past of any value. It’s all about tomorrow. Our only asset is the time we are given to spend on earth and, as children, the clock seems to tick very slowly. Too slowly in fact. The seven week summer holiday seems like a lifetime. In fact we have so much time that we have a word for those periods when we don’t know what to do with all that time.

“Mom – I’m bored. What can I do?”.

Tell me this is a phrase you NEVER used as a child.

Yet, it’s a phrase we will never use as grown ups.

As the years roll by we exchange this limited time we have on earth for other things – namely experience and money. We rarely talk about achieving financial freedom. We just want more money.

So we swap time for experience and money – and most of us don’t even know we are doing it.

We swap a beautiful sunny day for a day at the office chasing the filthy pound, or the filthy dollar or the filthy Euro.

The days when we were bored are long forgotten and we get angry when our own children come to us saying they are bored. The circle of life continues.

Very soon there is not enough time – and certainly not enough money.

Why is financial freedom so important?

Financial freedom is important because it is all about the quality of life that money brings.

As we get older we have more money and more experience – but now we are running out of time. We have traded one for the other. Each of us will make individual choices about that trade. Each of us will decide what our day is worth and trade it accordingly. All the time the swap only gives us more money or more experience and each of us must decide whether the trade is worthwhile. That assumes of course that you even stop to think about it.

Over the years this newsletter has challenged you with uncomfortable truths. Financial freedom and financial independence are core to everything I write.

What you do with your life is, of course, the ultimate question.

If you died tomorrow do you think you have got a fair exchange for the time you gave up?

What about the sunny days sat behind your computer filing, deleting, saving and forwarding endless text messages?

What about the days away from your partner when you were doing that oh so important job that no one else on planet earth could do except you?

Did you trade your days wisely, or were you simply caught up in the day to day crap that somehow takes us from “Mom, I’m bored” to “Why are there never enough hours in the day?”.

People talk about thinking outside the box – most people don’t even know the box exists.

If you are at that age when younger people than you are starting to die from cancer and heart attacks, chances are you will have resolved to start enjoying life a little bit more than you have of late – before the grim reaper knocks at your door. This thought will probably will last about two minutes, and then you will go back to doing the same crap you were doing yesterday.

It’s life Jim – but not as we know it.

Financial Freedom is Achievable

Think more about financial freedom and what it will give you.

Take one day off work next week – and do absolutely nothing. Nothing, that is, except think about where your life is going.

What do you want to achieve? What would financial freedom mean to you?

Now start swapping your days on earth for things that are really worthwhile – not by my definition. Not by somebody else’s definition – but by YOUR definition. What is important to you?

Seize the day – before there are no days left to trade.

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Get rid of bad debt and credit cards.

If you’re struggling to do the things you really want to do, chances are you’re paying back some debt from the distant past. You’ve become a slave to debt whether it be financial or otherwise. Financial freedom is the exact opposite of debt. Debt demands pay-back, financial freedom let’s you choose what you do with your life.

For most people it is financial debt that has become their master.

Did you know that in the USA there are around 20,000 different credit cards available to the American consumer?

They come in a vast array of personalized colours and designs and carry equally personalized terms of use. Finding a credit card that matches your perception of where you are in society is clearly big business.

With such a huge choice of ‘flexible friends’ Americans have had no problem in racking up record levels of personal and national debt. Every credit card is another step away from financial freedom.

According to Paul Banister of there are around 1.2 billion credit cards in use in the United States today; roughly four cards for every man, woman and child in the country.

For the luxury of living this life-on-loan, the average American family pays around $1,200 dollars annually in interest on their plastic. Including those pesky fees, that’s about $50 billion in revenue for the credit card industry … every year.

It’s not difficult to see why so many people in the so called land of the free are anything but that. But do not be quick to gloat. This is a global problem not just an American problem.

Back in 1992, the UK savings rate was 8.3% of disposable income.

Today it is a negative figure.

And if that’s not bad enough, it has been negative for the last three years.

Personal debt in the UK has risen 72% from £777m in 1993 to £1.34bn today.

Not that the government is doing much to set a good example. The UK national debt has more than doubled since 1992.

Just as private households have been living well beyond their means, so has the UK treasury. If there is an economic downturn, the UK now has very little room for financial stimulus. While the economic party continues and unemployment remains low – we’re okay.

But nothing lasts forever which means you have to act now to get ahead of the game. Don’t rely on your pension to save you in your dotage.

Government statistics show that nationally there are 29m in work in the UK – paying their taxes and helping feed 1.65m unemployed and 2.5m on incapacity benefit – half of whom have been claimants for five years. Nice money if you can get it – and for now at least, they can.

The latest bulletin seems to suggest that while personal and government debt continues to rise, more and more people simply don’t want to work any more. In fact, the ‘inactivity rate’ of working age people is the highest it has ever been since records began 36 years ago.

How do you achieve financial freedom?

The horrendous debt problems that we have created over the last twenty years are the single biggest threat to you achieving financial freedom. One way or another, all debt must be paid back eventually, plus interest: if not in cash then certainly in bankruptcy and repossession.

So debt reduction and financial freedom come hand in hand. You start your journey by reducing debt. Only then can I teach you the disciplines to become truly wealthy.

Forget everyone else – let’s get rid of YOUR bad debt habits and get you back to where you were when you first came into this world – weak and vulnerable you may have been, but at least back then you owed nothing.

No one had a claim on your time or indeed, a claim on your life.

OK, I know you now own loads of ‘things’. Assets you call them.

I call them junk. Financial freedom is not about buying things it’s about not having to work when you don’t want to. It’s often buying things that stop people achieving financial freedom.

You’ve got a new ipod, a new sofa (50% off and nothing to pay for two years). You have a wide screen television and a subscription to Sky Sports that costs you the best part of £50 a month. You have some designer labels on your clothes to show your friends, and oh yes, a new car, and a foreign holiday already booked.

If the price of these trinkets is a life of burden, paying interest upon interest upon interest, then now is the time to change your ways.

Now I know that no one else out there is going to do it – but what about you? Are you ready yet to put your financial life in order? Do you really want financial freedom?

Too many people are trying to LOOK wealthy instead of BECOMING wealthy. That’s an expensive habit to acquire.

Financial freedom is really all about having choice. Please remember that – financial freedom is choice. That’s what my newsletters and DVDs are all about. They give you a financial freedom plan that really works. If you join my Inner Circle I will show you how to achieve financial freedom no matter where you are starting from. I will show you how to get rid of bad debt and how to build multiple income streams that will make you truly wealthy. I will show you how to create businesses that will out-llve you and put enough money on the table that you can live the life you so desperately want.

The good news is it’s NEVER too late to achieve financial freedom for you and your family.

Financial freedom – mix with rich people and see what rubs off.

Many people ask me where they should invest, what is the quickest way of making money and how to start your own business and become your own boss.

In my newsletters I give you my financial freedom formula and much more. I also share with you my own personal investment plans for the next five years.

But I will give you one good tip from my financial freedom formula for free.

Always surround yourself with people who have achieved financial freedom in their lives. They are the only ones who can show you the way.

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Financial freedom is yours for the asking – you just have to ask!

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