Where can I get a no-money down property deal?

Why the hell would you want one?

First hand experience has taught me to be where the money is, not where the money isn’t.

If you are being offered a no-money down deal then loads of other people are being offered the very same thing. That means everyone in your development has bought on their Barclaycard. Nice!

Chances are they are all broke and when it comes to improvements and maintenance issues no one will have any spare cash to pay the service charges. In the same way, as soon as the first void comes along, rental prices will go through the floor as desperate owners accept silly rental offers just to get some money in.

If you want to get into property it is probably better to be in the development down the road where everyone has some “skin” on the deal.

If you want to get into property on a small budget, by which I mean around £10,000, have a look at getting a repossession where you can see an immediate increase in your equity. To achieve this you will need to buy something that is genuinely discounted against the bank valuation AND has a good chance of renting at the quoted figure (not the agents over-inflated figure).

If this sounds like your sort of thing, have a look at the “Property” section of this web site to see what deals are currently available in the UK.

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