If you start with £100 and double it 14 times – how much would you have?

Double your way to a million Pounds. How? Take a hundred pounds, double it 14 times, how much money would you have?

How good is your maths these days? Try it on the kids as well. It’s multiple choice so choose from the following:

A:   £1,400.

B:   £140.000

or answer C:   Over 1 million pounds.

The correct answer is answer “C”. If you start with just £100, double it 14 times, you would have over 1 million pounds. Actually, you would have £1.6m to be exact. To save you getting your calculator out here’s the maths:

  1.  Double to £200
  2.  £400
  3.  £800
  4.  £1,600
  5.  £3,200
  6.  £6,400
  7. £12,800
  8. £25,600
  9. £51,200
  10. £102,400
  11. £204,800
  12. £409,600
  13. £819,200
  14. £1.6 million

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I suspect many of you will be tapping on your calculators already. But it’s true!

The big question, at least for anyone  who would like to double £100 up to a million, is “OK, so how do I actually do that? Is it even possible?”

If you start with £100 how do you double your way to a million fourteen times?

In 2016 I wrote a book showing that anyone could double their money 14 times if they knew the tricks.

I called the book “Double Your Way To a Million” (or DYWTAM for short). I think it’s rather nice that I don’t even bother to mention the other £600,000. It kinda makes the point that if you can put a million pounds in your bank account then maybe another six hundred thousand isn’t quite so important. Only you can answer that one.

How to turn £100 into £1.6 million

The Double Your Way To A Million programme (can we agree to call it DYWTAM from now on?) assumes only two things. Firstly, that you can lay your hands on a hundred pounds. If you can’t we are probably wasting each other’s time. Secondly that you are genuinely interested in having over a million pounds in your bank account. Money isn’t everything in life and some people may say NO to one of those but if your answer is in fact YES to both of those questions you could start your DYWTAM journey today.

But “How will I know if it’s right for me?” is the question most people ask. Well, in DYWTAM you not only get one multimillionaire who has already used all these techniques to become wealthy, but his millionaire mate as well, who has done exactly the same thing. The argument is pretty straight forward. If you can’t make money with TWO self-made multimillionaires on your side, well maybe it’s time to give up on the dream altogether because life doesn’t get much better than that.

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