Spend your way out of debt.

How much money should you have in gold and silver?

Britain’s loan and credit card is now growing at its fastest rate in a decade. It is up by nearly 10 per cent over the past year to around £182 billion. That works out at about £7,300 per household (on top of any mortgage debts). It’s just a shame the rest of the economy isn’t…

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Silver as an investment in 2016

silver coins investment

Silver was my “deal of the year” in 2015 – and it still is. Over the last year and a half I’ve been building my silver stash as prices tumbled – but now prices are on the rise. Already this year silver is up 30% and that is likely to continue as output continues to…

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Three weeks to go before stamp duty increases on BTL properties

money not safe in a bank

The government has made it clear that they now want to encourage first time buyers over and above Buy To Let landlords. As a result, we are just a few weeks away from the massive increase in stamp duty on second properties. From April 1st anyone buying a second property will be charged an additional…

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Gold best performing asset of 2016

For those who believe that gold represents safety from the incompetence of central banks then January has been a good month. Having watched the value of gold fall for several years as fiat money printing replaced financial prudence it was good to see the value of gold rise last month. In fact, Goldcore report that…

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Your money ‘s not safe in a bank

money not safe in a bank

Your money’s not safe in a bank – don’t become a target. Not long to go now before the security of the money you keep in your bank account is significantly reduced – five weeks in fact. On January 1st 2016 the banks will reduce the amount of money that is “guaranteed” in your account…

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