Russia, China and India increase gold purchases

Russia now has more gold than at any time in the last 22 years. In March it added another 30 metric tons to its gold stash bringing its total reserves to 1,238 metric tons. i also hear that gold imports in India are also expected to be nearly 90% higher this month following India’s Central…

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2015 – the year the dollar lost control?

Double your way to a million

Everyone knows that 1971 was the year that President Nixon “closed the gold window”. Up until this point any nation inn the world could swap their dollar holdings for real gold. This was important because it means a paper currency that had no intrinsic value could be swapped for a precious metal. It meant that…

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Ireland’s finance minister sells stocks and buys gold

According to Ireland’s “Sunday Independent” newspaper, Michael Noonan, Ireland’s finance minister, has sold his shares in funds that track European and US stocks and diversified his portfolio to include gold ETFs. The fact that a finance minister puts more faith in gold than he does in stocks speaks volumes. Noonan is dumping stocks to buy…

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The FTSE falls 150 points in a day

Just days after the newspapers reported the FTSE100 at an new high, yesterday saw a 150 point drop in a single day. What the Lord giveth the Lord taketh away. Does the FTSE actually mean anything for the average person in the street though? I think it does. The reason the FTSE, and indeed all…

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Barry Tyler Website back on-line

Last week we moved the hosting of the Barry Tyler website to get a more reliable and faster service. The downside of this move was that the website was not available to view on-line for the past four days. Apologies to anyone who needed the site and was not able to get access. That includes…

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Greek Debt – today’s the big day for Greece.

What happens when you can’t pay your debts? Well, normally you simply go bankrupt. Greece has discovered that since it joined the Euro the game of not being able to pay your debts is played in a slightly different way. The last time this happened, the ECB decided it didn’t really want Greece to go…

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What will Greece do next?

money not safe in a bank

Today is a big day for Greece – and it’s willingness to repay the $240 billion it owes to the EU. The recently appointed Greek government were voted in to power on the basis they would tell the rest of Europe where it can stick its debts. I really don’t see them backing down on…

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Gold hits 14 month high

Priced in pounds Sterling, gold is now at a 14 month high. In fact it’s risen 17% since I last wrote about it just a few months ago. If you’re paid in Euros then it’s even better. Gold is up 28% since the beginning of 2014. iSilver is also on the rise and I have…

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The Swiss Franc leaps 30% in 13 minutes and gold rises steeply.

2015 has started with all the volatility you might have expected. Today the Swiss Franc leapt 30% in just 13 minutes. Madness. I could hardly get the scale small enough on my computer to keep the constant rises on the screen. The FTSE100 went the opposite way and my £5 down bet made £700 while…

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Portugese bricklayers now on £50,000 a year

There is such a shortage of skilled bricklayers in the UK right now that Portugese brickies are being paid up to £1,000 a week. According to a survey by Manpower Employment, the shortage of skilled workers in the UK means that one in three large construction companies are having to turn down many of the…

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The Swiss Gold referendum delivers a NO vote

On Sunday the Swiss Gold Referendum resulted in a clear “NO” vote. You probably didn’t hear about it in the media, in fact, even the Swiss media didn’t seem particularly interested either. The vote, amongst other things, was whether the Swiss National Bank (SNB) should be forced to increase its gold reserves from 8% to…

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How much should you pay for financial advice?

According to a new website that looks at the fees charged by financial advisors, you can realistically expect to pay around £150 – £175 an hour for advice on how to invest your money. My experience is that the fees are significantly higher than that. You will notice that very few financial advisors are prepared…

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US Mint runs out of silver

The US Mint has run out of physical silver as demand from investors show no sign of diminishing. In Canada the Mint has had to resort to silver rationing. It doesn’t make sense does it? How can demand for physical silver be high while the silver price is falling? The answer is “paper silver”. This…

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Why I’m selling stocks and buying silver

The stock market has bounced back again and has now recovered all of its losses in a matter of just two weeks. First the headline read “Stock markets give up all of 2014 gains”. So everyone rushed to sell – only to see the market laugh in their face as it registered the biggest gains…

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Buy gold – Russian central bank goes on a gold spending spree

china gold

I know many of my readers have personally put themselves back on the “gold standard” by buying and storing physical gold of their own. It’s a clever trick – and one I am fond of myself. Anyone who questions the role of gold in a portfolio should note that Russia’s central bank (central banks you…

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How to be number one on Google

Thanks to website technology, you no longer need big premises, lots of staff and all the overheads that go with those things in order to make money. A well-build website will bring you far more customers than any shop or office block ever can. It will also look after all of your invoicing, your marketing…

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Silver is my “Trade of the Decade”

Regular readers of my Newsletter will know that I’ve declared physical silver coins my “Trade of the Decade”. There are three reasons for this: I can buy silver at a 20% discount There is a limit to how much physical silver can fall in price but no limit to how much it can rise. By…

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The Swiss vote on gold

Central banks are a law unto themselves. And they get away with it because most people have absolutely no idea how they work. Whist the United Kingdom has just witnessed a referendum of immense importance, it could be argued that a vote by the Swiss in just two months time has even greater significance. The…

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Silver sits at a 14 month low as sentiment hits rock bottom

The silver price has lost 5% so far this year and sits at a 14 month low. The five year graph looks even worse. Silver is cheap right now. Marvellous! If you are the sort of person who likes to buy low and sell high, just as I do, you’ll see this as a tremendous…

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How to achieve financial freedom

Financial Freedom is Achievable

It will always be a sad fact of life that financial freedom is never given the attention it deserves. “So you want to achieve financial freedom, do you?”. How everyone laughs. There are no classes at school on financial freedom – and there’s a very good reason for that. School teachers haven’t achieved financial freedom…

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