Silver is my “Trade of the Decade”

Regular readers of my Newsletter will know that I’ve declared physical silver coins my “Trade of the Decade”. There are three reasons for this: I can buy silver at a 20% discount There is a limit to how much physical silver can fall in price but no limit to how much it can rise. By…

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The Swiss vote on gold

Central banks are a law unto themselves. And they get away with it because most people have absolutely no idea how they work. Whist the United Kingdom has just witnessed a referendum of immense importance, it could be argued that a vote by the Swiss in just two months time has even greater significance. The…

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Silver sits at a 14 month low as sentiment hits rock bottom

The silver price has lost 5% so far this year and sits at a 14 month low. The five year graph looks even worse. Silver is cheap right now. Marvellous! If you are the sort of person who likes to buy low and sell high, just as I do, you’ll see this as a tremendous…

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How to achieve financial freedom

Financial Freedom is Achievable

It will always be a sad fact of life that financial freedom is never given the attention it deserves. “So you want to achieve financial freedom, do you?”. How everyone laughs. There are no classes at school on financial freedom – and there’s a very good reason for that. School teachers haven’t achieved financial freedom…

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Buy silver bullion at bargain basement prices

I predict that the opportunity to buy silver this cheap will end very soon. One thing I have learned over the years is that the reason most people never get wealthy is that they insist on buying “high” and “selling low”. They find it almost impossible to do the obvious thing and “buy low” and…

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To make more money it helps to have a mentor

I’m delighted to say that the DVD of our recent Silver Seminar, is now available. This is the DVD for you if: You like the idea of finding out how we buy our silver at a 20% discount (I’m talking brand new uncirculated silver Eagles and Britannias here). You want to know the 13 compelling…

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The new silver benchmark is just 2 days away

The 117 year old London Silver Price Fix (and it may turn out that the word “fix” is exactly the right word here) comes to an end in just two days time. It’s new electronic replacement, the London Silver Price (L.S.P) will come into play this Friday (15.8.14) and the jury is out as to…

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How do you remove the dollar as the reserve currency?

As regular readers understand only too well, America has a huge advantage over the rest of the world because the dollar is the reserve currency. The advantage comes from the fact that only America can print dollars. What a great way to pay your debts eh? You simply print the money you need. It’s like…

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When is the best time to buy gold?

The best time to make any investment is about two hours before the price shoots to the moon. If only eh? Unfortunately we can never see in to the future, only the past.  History however does tell us a lot and when it comes to buying gold. Looking at the price gains over the past…

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When will interest rates go up?

Double your way to a million

“When will interest rates go up?” would seem a silly question to ask in 2014 when the new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has told us in no uncertain terms that interest rates will remain low for a very long time. This sort of “forward guidance” from the Bank is extremely valuable…

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Landlords could reduce their costs by 10% a year

I recently told you about a new disruptive web technology aimed at landlords and tenants. The company is called Movebubble and Movebubble’s plan is to kill of the rental agent by making everything available on line. I’m pleased to report that the company went live with it’s new website a month ago and that they…

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The ECB reduces rates and moves to negative interest rates

Once central bank medalling gets out of hand there’s no going back. We lurch from one insanity to the next which is why today we learn that in an effort to cheapen the value of the Euro against other currencies interest it will reduce its overnight bank lending rate to MINUS 0.1%. This is the…

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Barclays fined £26m by FCA for gold price manipulation

negative interest rates on your bank account

“Is the gold price really being manipulated?” readers have asked for many long years. Well now we all know. Last week the Financial Conduct Authority fined Barclays Bank £26 million for manipulating the London Gold price fix. According to media reports, they did this the day after they were fined for manipulating Libor – you…

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Carney talks a big talk about UK house prices

There’s been lots of media coverage following the Bank Of England’s views on the housing bubble. According to Mark Carney, the new governor at the bank of England, the current bubble in house prices is something of a problem. A surprising announcement I thought as this is probably the only man in the country who…

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London silver fix is to disappear

The London silver fix, the bench mark for silver prices for the last 100 years is to end on August 14th. I recently told you that Deutsche Bank AG were resigning their seat on both the silver and gold fixing panels and this will take effect shortly after their exit. This is a significant move…

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Rising house prices could mean a hike in interest rates

The rise in UK house prices is good for anyone with investment property. Many BTL owners were savaged when property prices fell forcing them into negative equity. The only thing that has kept many landlords “on the log” was the drop in interest rates to unbelievably low levels. levels we had never seen before in…

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Reserve currencies don’t last forever

History teaches us that reserve currencies never last for long. As empires rise and fall so too does their currency as a global reserve. It can be argued that poor economics and the resulting demise of a currency can bring about the demise of the empire itself. New evidence suggests that this is true of…

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Gold up on the quarter but down on the month

Disappointing to see that gold could not hold on to its recent gains although it is still up on the quarter. It is down 3.2% in March but up 6.8% on the quarter. I’ve had many people ask me if it can fall below $1200. Of course the answer is “Yes it could” but ….…

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