How to achieve financial freedom

Financial Freedom is Achievable

It will always be a sad fact of life that financial freedom is never given the attention it deserves.

“So you want to achieve financial freedom, do you?”. How everyone laughs.

There are no classes at school on financial freedom – and there’s a very good reason for that. School teachers haven’t achieved financial freedom themselves so how the heck are they going to teach you how to achieve it. The same can be said of university professors, all your close friends, your work colleagues and of course your nearest and dearest.

Even your IFA cannot show you how to achieve financial freedom.

So what are you going to do?

Five things you need to know if you want to achieve financial freedom

If you want to achieve financial freedom it is clear you need to have a plan. Here’s five essential things the financial freedom seeker needs to know:

1. Surround yourself at least twice a month with people who have achieved financial freedom or are well on their way to achieving financial freedom. Their thinking will rub off on you and that is essential when you are normally surrounded by people who are more broke than you are.

2. Buy books, DVDs and go to seminars held by people who are genuinely rich themselves (good ones are few and far between but you will find them if you are persistent).

3. To achieve financial freedom you will need to change your thinking and some of the beliefs that have been ground in over the years. Your ‘conditioning’ and mindset must change because if you keep doing what you have always done you will simply keep getting what you have always got.

4. Financial freedom comes from “owning something”. Rich people own things, poor people don’t. I’m not talking about owning worthless consumer junk here, the sort of stuff that most people waste their money on every month. I’m talking about owning a business (no matter how small) or owning a property.

5. Financial freedom is also closely connected with your spending habits. Despite what everyone thinks, rich people don’t waste their money – whereas poor people are totally taken in by the idea you are only rich if you are spending. When you are taking your first few steps on the journey to financial freedom it is vital you understand the difference between “becoming wealthy” versus trying to “look wealthy”.

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